Smaller Than Expected Insurance Pay-Out? Get a Second Opinion.

Get an auto appraisal after your car accident in the New Caney, TX area

Have you received a check from your auto insurance that doesn't begin to cover the damage? Get a second opinion. A Plus Auto Appraisers provides vehicle appraisal services in New Caney, TX and areas up to 50 miles around. We can tell you what your car is worth and make sure your insurance pays you the correct amount.

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diminished value claim new caney tx

Diminished Value Claims

Reclaim the lost value of your car after a crash.

total loss vehicle appraisal new caney tx

Total Loss

Find out how much your insurance owes you if your car is totaled.

recreational vehicle appraisals new caney tx

Recreational Vehicle Appraisals

Learn the value of your boat, RV, motorcycle or other vehicle.

mobile notary services new caney tx

Mobile Notary Services

Get documents authorized at your home or office.

What is a diminished value claim?

Your car has a specific value. When your car is damaged in an accident, that value goes down-even if the car is fully repaired. If you were planning on selling your car, you'd now have to settle for a lower price. Making a diminished value claim gives you the chance to recover that lost value. Get in touch with us today for help filing a claim. You could potentially receive a check for thousands of dollars.


Don't get involved in insurance negotiations without first knowing the value of your vehicle. Go into the discussion prepared by getting an auto appraisal. Our services include...


Standard vehicle appraisals


Diminished value appraisals


Total loss vehicle appraisals


Recreational vehicle appraisals


Mobile notary services

Our team will give you an honest valuation of your vehicle, so you'll feel confident speaking with the insurance adjuster. Call us to schedule vehicle appraisal services.